Communication Guidelines

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Visual Identity

Visual identity refers to the overall impression of an organisation which is projected internally and externally through the use of the Anna Lindh Foundation logo, brochures, promotional materials, newsletters and the website. The main aim of guidelines on visual identity is to ensure visibility of the organisation and coherence of its institutional identity in communication activities.

Use of the Logo

Our logo is the key element in our visual identity. It is fresh, modern and organic. It always includes two elements: the symbol, and the name which consists of the ‘Anna Lindh Foundation’ and ‘EUROMED’.

Logo symbol and name

The symbol and the name should never be used separately except for the official ALF website favicon, official ALF twitter account profile picture and official Facebook ALF profile picture.

Clearance space

The minimum clearance space around the logo should be equal to the height of the letter ‘A’ in the actual logo size used.

Minimum logo size

The minimum logo size is 1cm in height. Smaller sizes should be avoided in order to keep the word EUROMED legible.

Logo distortion

The logo must never be cropped, rotated, redrawn or changed in anyway or have the text substituted by another typeface.