Communication Guidelines

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The Anna Lindh Foundation is immensley proud of the partnerships it has with civil society organisations throughout the EuroMed region. This section describes how the Foundation should be communicated in granted projects, national networks activities and ALF partnerships to ensure consistency and an increased profile.

Granted Projects

For the projects granted by the Foundation, the institution is in a position to support partners in the development and implementation of their communication plans, including providing communication resources and information tools, as well as guidance in relation to the use of the Foundation’s visual identity.

Use of the Anna Lindh Foundation logo in granted projects

  • The Anna Lindh Foundation logo must be displayed in all the publications (books, CDs, brochures), promotional materials (leaflets, posters, stickers), online tools (websites, social media pages) and press releases of a project funded by the Anna Lindh Foundation.
  • The Anna Lindh logo must be accompanied by the tagline “With the support of”


With the support of:

  • In any publication, in addition to the logo and the tagline, this sentence should be included: “The content of this publication is the sole responsibility of < Beneficiary's name > and does not necessarily reflect the position of the Anna Lindh Foundation."
  • In publications, when possible, a brief presentation of the Anna Lindh Foundation should be included (see point 2.1). In case there are space constraints the mention of the ALF website address is enough.
  • The logo of the Anna Lindh Foundation must be displayed and visible in all the public events of the granted project through its inclusion in banners, roll-ups, posters, power point presentations and any other promotional tool related to the project used during the public event.

Communication plans for granted projects

  • In line with the communication policy objective of putting communication at the heart and the start of each project, in the Call for Proposals application form applicants must fill a specific communication plan and strategy for the project.
  • The communication plan of the project is taken into consideration by the evaluation committee as part of the overall project proposal assessment, and its implementation is taken into consideration for the project evaluation.
  • The Monitoring Team of the Anna Lindh Foundation Headquarters is in charge of following-up on the implementation of the communication plans with the project leaders and of liaising with the ALF Executive Office.
  • In order to follow-up on the implementation of the communication plans of the projects the Anna Lindh Foundation have developed a ‘Project Presentation’ template (see chapter 6. “Downloads”) including all the relevant project information.
  • The objective of the template is for the Anna Lindh Foundation to have always the latest information about the project and to be able to promote it on the ALF website, to ALF press contacts, and share it with ALF network members, Heads of Networks and international partners through newsletters and other communication tools.
  • The template will be initially completed with the information submitted in the application form and must to be updated by the project leader each time a substantial change in the project plan occurs.