Communication Guidelines

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The Anna Lindh Foundation is immensley proud of the partnerships it has with civil society organisations throughout the EuroMed region. This section describes how the Foundation should be communicated in granted projects, national networks activities and ALF partnerships to ensure consistency and an increased profile.

ALF Partnerships

According to the Statute of the Anna Lindh Foundation:

“The Foundation, in order to disseminate the ideas of the Barcelona Process, and information on its activities and projects, shall establish a “Euromed label” as recognition for all projects in which it has a presence.”

The labelling of the Anna Lindh Foundation stands for the core value of the institution (see chapter 3.1) and is given by the Secretariat to projects actively contribute to the dissemination of these values.

A specific contact form for requesting the Anna Lindh Foundation labelling is published on the Anna Lindh Foundation website:

If the request for the label is approved by the Secretariat, the project is entitled for the use of the Anna Lindh Foundation logo in the project.